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The Jabbawockeez are officially being moved to the Luxor in 2013. Be sure to check them out next year in their new home.

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School of Dance
The Jabbawockeez has put out their own DVD teaching their own dance routines right at your home. For more information, go to
Jabba Who?
Name: Chris Gatdula
Nickname: Christyle
Birthday: May 7 ,1981
Hometown: Las Vegas/San Diego

Name: Ben Chung
Nickname: B-Tek
Birthday: July 29, 1981
Hometown: Mission Hills, CA

Name: Kevin Brewer
Nickname: Keibee
Birthday: December 18
Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Name: Jeff Nguyen
Nickname: Phi
Birthday: September 15, 1981
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ. Reside in Los Angeles

Name: Phil Tayag
Nickname: Swaggerboy
Birthday: October 9, 1984
Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Name: Rynan S. Paguio
Nickname: Kid Rainen
Age: March 26, 1981
Hometown: San Diego, CA

Name: Joe Larot/Punkee
Nickname: Emajoenation
Birthday: June 29, 1979
Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Name: Tony Tran
Age: April 15, 1987

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Jabbawockeez won TV DANCE PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR in the world of dance awards!
Sorry this is kind of late, I didn’t know until now :p

Source: World Of

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